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Chew in collaboration with PUMA presents After Hours

after hours

We end off 2010 with a massive bash by getting this party published and relaunching and expanding our site to make it mobile friendly [yum]. After Hours, in collaboration with Puma, is Chew's inaugural, limited-edition print publication. ❤ In this issue Timo Stammberger and Alexandra CM Ross get a behind-the-scenes look at artists operating in Berlin who have, for almost a decade, been working under pseudonyms on pg 70. ❤ Eighties pop legends Duran Duran

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are headed to South Africa this December for a five-show tour. Nikki Benatar caught up with front man Simon Le Bon and keys player Nick Rhodes after hours on pg 104. ❤ After browsing through racks of imported clothing fresh off the boat from China, Justine Stafford asks the politically incorrect question: is it worth shopping local? Find out on pg 26 … Now you can read Chew on trains, planes and in the bath so that you can get your design fix wherever, whenever. 'Cos that's how we roll.

*After Hours is available from these fine stores

❤ Exclusive Books // Lifestyles on Centre // 50 Kloof Street // Cape Town ❤ a store // 34 Kloof Street // Cape Town ❤ Shelflife // 119 Bree Street // Cape Town ❤ The Book Lounge // 71 Roeland Street // Cape Town ❤ Dokter and Misses // 44 Stanley // Jozi (coming soon)

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Chew magazine: Girl's Issue Covergirl's

In this issue of Chew we've collected an arsenal of girl-inspired stuff, from cutesy outfits to female musicians who refuse to do anything by the book. ❤ Fiona Snyckers' fiction story Crush is pretty damn shocking – like a punch to the gut. You expect something like, oh yeah, okay, she's going to put a fresh twist on the Twilight vampire thing or she's going to turn out to be an eight-year-old cougar, but woah! It's controversial, well-handled and eye-opening. Inspired by Elena Bofill's photographic shoot, Crush is conversation-starting stuff. ❤ The girls featured in this issue's album reviews will inevitably have their music uncomfortably pigeonholed by genre for easy reference, but more than most music-makers in 2010 they have ripped up the rule-book, turning stylistic signifiers upside down and demanding new genres. And don't we love it when our ladies are demanding? Greg Bowes takes a closer look. ❤ meoli produces fashion, textiles and illustrations with a whole lot of RAH! Chew teleported Down Under to chat to the delightful Lalita Lu and discover what makes a successful textile print, why she would want to be the incredible robotic cat Doraemon and what her fave thing to do is on a warm summer's arvie. ❤ Chinese-Malaysian sisters Rowena, Juliana and Angela Foong are the design collaboration behind High Tea With Mrs Woo. Fascinated with weaving memory into clothing, they explore the ability of fashion to unfold great stories…



Chew magazine 2nd Birthday cover by Cristian Di Stefano

2nd birthday

❤ We're blowing out two candles this month and celebrating the occasion with Chew's striking Second Birthday Issue. ❤ Inspired by winter 2010/11′s colour palette (think animal prints, earth tones and warm reds), Maxime van Strijland styled and produced a ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle' fashion editorial for this edgy issue. High collars, military patterns and fringes make an entrance. ❤ Cristian Di Stefano, is the mastermind behind the underground fashion editorial ‘Afrodita JAÁ' featuring Spanish designer Juan Antonio Ávalos. Expect popping colours, bold make-up and street style fashion.

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Chew magazine Africa cover


Chew, in collaboration with PUMA, hosted Creative Unity in the Kehinde Wiley Cape Town exhibition space on 2 July 2010. Collaborating with various creatives and past contributors of Chew magazine, Chew put on a creative extravaganza. ❤ Contributing photographer Jimi Rae has recently returned from Nairobi, Kenya where he was documenting work done by the Sumerian Foundation. The most successful project is the fashion label Johari… ❤ To celebrate the Soccer World Cup, PUMA has partnered with Kehinde Wiley and commissioned him to create four original works of art inspired by three of football's most decorated players.


Chew magazine Play cover by Glen Montgomery


Chew's contributing fiction editor Lauren Beukes recently launched her latest novel Zoo City, which is set in a wildly re-imagined Johannesburg. Lauren has been described by William Gibson, New York Times best-selling author, as "very, *very* good… it feels effortless, utterly accomplished". Respect. Read all about her latest novel. ❤ Rachelle Crous spoke to The Plastics, who are undoubtedly leaders of the creative class when it comes to their fresh, original sound. They chose Gordon Raphael (best known for his work with The Strokes) as the producer of their first full-length album Shark.


Chew magazine Creative Junkies Issue

creative junkies

❤ In this issue of Chew, we celebrate those who sit until the wee hours of the night perfecting an illustration, those who consume copious amounts of coffee to bring life into an animation and those who can't sit without a doughnut pillow anymore. We celebrate those courageous individuals who push the boundary of innovation and creativity, who have vision and who never back down. Take Peter Lundgren for example, the man behind T-post, the world's first wearable magazine. ❤ Read talented writer Sarah Lotz's wonderfully dark short fiction story Joan, inspired by Columbian fashion photographer Castel Diaz's work of art.


* All past issues and PDF downloads coming soon